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When you are in need of a new engine for your vehicle, but you don’t have the extra money to buy a brand new one, come to A & D Truck & Auto Parts. We have engines of all types and sizes for all vehicle makes and models. 

A Vehicle’s engine, of course is the most important mechanical part of a vehicle. Engines are the largest auto parts under vehicle hoods, and are what converts a certain form of energy into movable power. Without a properly working engine, there is no way any vehicle is able to drive, move, or function at its basic, let alone optimal potential level. 

Whether you are working on a project in your shop or your own vehicle, we are confident you will get the right engine, team up with us and gain a reliable used engine without having to break the bank

Recycling & Salvage Yard for Cars & Truck Parts

Stop by our shop today! We are a local and reliable salvage yard that is committed to affordable pricing and providing you with all the parts you need for your vehicle. If you can't find what you are looking for, we will try to get it for you. All used engines and mechanical parts are tested thoroughly before we sell them to you.

I would like to leave you with one short thought, “All cars and trucks run on used parts”, so thank you for helping us to continue to recycle parts by purchasing them from us. Used engine parts is our business. If you notice that your vehicle is making a strange noise or if it is not running properly, don’t delay and call us today to see if we have the replacement parts.
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